We are preparing a new concept for our popular bar.

Watch this space for more information. Right now we are focusing on development and consultation of new projects.

However we also implement cocktail schools and catering in the meantime. Please see below from old times.

Awesome cocktails & drinks are our ambition!

From London to Helsinki and all over the world. From turn of the millennium to this day and days to come. Nordic ingredients & modern approach to all flavours in a glass or on the plate. We design flavour experiences and experiments in order to tickle the heart and mind. Bars, products, cocktails sessions - from 1-to-1 experiences to mass produced experiments. Want to do something, send us a message!

A21 pioneered the nordic cocktail experience
A21 is well known for their world class cocktail schools
A21 has built their reputation by crafting first class experiences
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So what do we do? Small team, big dreams. Following the service design method, we start from the purpose to uncover client needs to craft a memorable script for implementation. With over a decade of experience and pure passion for flavours our approach is tuned, tested and fun.

We run locations, develop some products and are more than interested in all (crazy) partnerships & experiments with flavours. But be sure, everything does not need to be big, a one evening of 10 people is as important as anything. Take look at some things we do and get in contact for a lunch date or a coffee to uncover how we can add some flavour.

Experience Kit

Cocktail tools for everyone

Experience Kit is your guide to the world of cocktails. It is a perfect turnkey solution for beginners and a set of inspiration with unmatched tools for professionals.

Experience Kit is a set of cocktail tools for everyone

VEEN Nordic Mixers

The smoothest water in the world with a hint of Nordic nature

Our favourite way to use Nordic Mixers the combination of fine spirits and Nordic Mixers whereby slightly more mixer is used in a drink than what we generally see with cocktails.

This is where the nuances of Nordic flavours come across in their finest form. The taste of ethanol is minimized, and the delicate flavours of the spirit are elevated and paired with the gently carbonated, natural tastes of the Nordic Mixers.

– Timo Siitonen

Veen Nordic Mixers are the smoothest water in the world
VEEN Nordic Mixers are designed in house by VEEN and A21

Behind the madness

The story of A21 started from an idea that a cocktail is more than an alcohol delivery vehicle. It is a total experience with a story to tell.

The drive and curiosity to try new things has expanded A21 activites into a whole new level. Design, flavours and experiences have always been the core of A21. With a span of many activities like restaurants, events, product development, flavour development and diffferent sorts of consulting A21 acts today like a flavour design agency creating flavour journeys for people to experience.

“ Nowadays A21 focuses on creating narrative flavour journeys that tickle your heart and mind

Requests and inquiries

Timo Siitonen