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A21 Decades

Voted as the best bar in the world

A21 Decades is a destination for anyone in love with cocktails & bars. We think drinking and cocktails have been taken too seriously for too long, so we decided to bring the fun back in the game.

At A21 we have a history of experimenting in many different ways to compose cocktails. Our house signature cocktails use Nordic ingredients, which we recommend you to try. You are invited to enjoy hand crafted cocktails in an urban, relaxed and easy to approach environment.

Annankatu 21




Urban event space and restaurant in the old abattoir area in Helsinki

In the heart of Teurastamo, the old abattoir area you can find Kellohalli. The area is a part of historical Helsinki transformed into a urban hot spot as Meatpacking district is in New York City.

The pulsating heart of Teurastamo is Kellohalli, old organizing hall of the abattoir which operates as an event place, restaurant and a popular lunch place. A high hall with a altar-like big open kitchen and a distinctive clock on the outside.

Tyƶpajankatu 2 rakennus 1 e




Flavour Studio

For the friends of flavour

Studio for the friends of flavours. Unique place for cooking schools, cocktail schools, tasting events and demonstrations. A destination where people can come, share a memorable moment and get inspired by flavours. 

Located in an old slaughtering room with timestopping ambiance that removes hurry from peoples minds. Studio has 6 mobile cooking stations and an iconic 5 meter long table, which can be used as a dining table or as a bar.

Tyƶpajankatu 2




Restaurant Starter

Social roastery in an old hospital

Handmade and atmospheric living room for innovators, developers, workers and starters. From breakfast meetings to lunch, afternoon coffee house to afterwork meeting hub.

Located inside Startup Maria 01 in Helsinki. Experimental, relaxed and quality driven.

Lapinlahdenkatu 16, rakennus 15 C