A21 won Reykjavik Bar Summit cocktail competition in Iceland 3.3.2016

Reykjavik Bar Summit is an international cocktail competition that was held during 29.2.-3.3.2016 in Iceland. 16 top cocktail bars were accepted to the competition from two continents, both Europe and USA to participate in this innovative competition between bars.  Bars competed against each other in teams of two people with their signature cocktails and concept. This year there were 16 cocktails bars competing form Helsinki to Paris and to Los Angeles and New York. A21 was represented by Patrick Seppä and Laura Nissinen. 

what where and when - what was it all about?

The actual competition took three days in total. Competition started with a playful part where everyone had to make a cocktail wearing boxing gloves. The second part was a Battle of the Continents, USA against Europe, which Europe won! The last and final part of the competition was an individual presentation form each bar. Every bar had 15min to present their own signature cocktails and concept.

A21 presentation focused on presenting Finnish nature and its diversity. Judges especially liked A21's flavour journeys and authentic atmosphere. Some of the other competitors focused highly on the entertainment side e.g. bringing in their own musicians like Holmens Kanal or like Super Panda Circus with their custom made Tiki mugs for each judge.

Top three:

#1 A21 (Helsinki, Finland)
#2 Holmens Kanal (Copenhagen, Denmark)
#3 Little Red Door (Paris, France)


This is what the judges had to say:

"A21 displayed everything that epitomizes a great bar: attention to detail, humour, fun, and fine drinks, too. Among an outstanding field of bars from all across the USA & Europe, A21 were the clear winners."
Philip Duff, Director of Liquid Solutions Bar & Beverage Consulting & Director of Education, Tales of the Cocktail
"Better than sex."
Tom Zyankali, mixologist and bar chemist at Zyankali bar, Berlin.
The Reykjavik Bar Summit is a unique competition/trade show. It is a gathering of bars from Europe and America, who gather to share ideas and present their bars and their cocktails to each other. As judges, we were tasked with finding the bar who best translated their concept. In a room with a standard bar, they were tasked with giving us a peek into their world and the drinks they make; a signature drink, a local to their home country inspired drink, and one created during the trip to pay homage to the host country; Iceland.

A21 met this challenge. The drinks were balanced and the presentation of the material was charmingly nervous, yet, I left with a desire to visit as soon as I can and even stage behind this World Class bar.
Lynnette Marrero, Bartender, Consultant- DrinksAt6 NYC, Co-Founder Speed Rack




Some pics here for you!

Lataa Zip -tiedosto