A21 wins Helsinki Cocktail Competition 2017


Helsinki Cocktail 2017 is the signature drink of the city of Helsinki. Competition between best cocktail bars in Helsinki was held to determine which bar produced the best expression of the capitol of Finland.

Laura Nissinen from A21 Decades wanted to capture the spirit and atmosphere of Helsinki in their cocktail. Helsinki Cocktail is a flavour journey to different areas of Helsinki: from central market Kauppatori to vibrant Kallio and from posh Eira to the old Abattoir area.

The flavours of the cocktail represent different aspects of Finnishness. Lingonberries depict the forest, cardamon reminds of childhood and Finnish cinnamon buns, raspberry vinegar adds Nordic flavour to the drink. Finnish people are the biggest coffee consumers in the world, so coffee was a natural choice for one of the flavours.  Absolut vodka has been infused with used Smooth Prince espresso coffee beans from Robert Paulig Roastery to add earthy notes to the drink.

This unexpected combination of Finnish flavors produces a drink that is easy to drink but complex in taste. Perfect representation of Helsinki!