Welcome to visit us in our new location Flavourium at Mall of Tripla 5th floor


the one bar / flavourium

Out of sheer ambition towards liquid culinarism and cocktails, A21 was founded in 2007 to inspire people to take a wider perspective on drinking. A21 Decades pushed that further, promoting the history of cocktail culture. 

We’ve reached a new decade and would like to welcome you to experience the future of that ambition– our multi sensory restaurant Flavourium, and cocktail bar The One. 

Our old location A21 Decades was closed during summer 2018 to start developing new adventures. Just to clarify one thing, the venue in our old location at Annankatu 21 does not have anything to do with the original A21 anymore.

Stimulate your senses with the five basic tastes or visit new destinations with our world tour menu.

You can find us again at Flavourium!